Agency. Binary. Credibility. Dichotomy. Equity. Fascism. Gun. Hegemony. Inclusivity. Jaded. Kurtosis. Liability. Monopoly. Neutrality. Oxymoron. Polarity. Quintessential. Rage. Similarity. Transcend. Ubiquity. Validity. Wrath. Xenophobia. Yearning. Zoning

This series does not offer answers. I am too limited to arrive at absolute answers. We are too limited – temporally and spatially – to really embrace certain answers, but we still do. Because we need an anchor, or so we’re told.

The poems, essays, and all forms of writing in this series are vomits of my being. This series is my abyss, but it is also my refuge. This series is my form of remembering, but it is also my fear. This series is an invitation, although I do not know where we are headed. One thing I’m certain of about this book is this – that I am inviting you to embrace your humanity, and start asking questions.

Because if you don’t start, someone will take the power to answer even before you can question anything (Agency). Someone will offer you only two opposing choices, because the world is too scared to enjoy the spectrum (Binary). If you don’t start now, someone will profess to know better, because they allegedly understand the past, present, and future (Credibility).

I am inviting you to briefly suspend the side you hold on too tightly, and see the world with wider, longer, deeper, and higher perspectives (Dichotomy). We might not start from equal footing, but the sight is more or less similar, because it depicts a new evolution (Equity). So gather the courage to ask, and don’t wait until even the thought of wondering comes at a price you can’t afford (Fascism).

You can say that there are more important fights to join, but you have already been turned into a weapon unwillingly, and unknowingly (Gun). You have to understand that wars are dictated, and even your roles, and concerns are programmed (Hegemony). You can counter, and tell me that you’ve been an active participant in other causes, but were you really heard (Inclusivity)? This cause is either too mainstream, or too unimportant, depending on the feed you curate (Jaded).

But the time for rage is more than ripe, it is almost stale (Kurtosis). Can you afford not to care, not to throw even a single question (Liability)? If we all thought that we and this reality didn’t matter, we passively lord over the power to the same people (Monopoly). Don’t make the mistake of taking no sides, because the codes used against/for you definitely took a side (Neutrality).

It is positively negative that things will change on its own (Oxymoron). The ends have extended too far, that a reconciliation, or a mid-way will not be naturally growing at any time (Polarity). This reality favors and embraces the archetype that codes programmed for us (Quintessential). Does this not bother you at all (Rage)?

You’re actually not special, because society has been coded to group, and categorize people in patterns, that we eventually end up with the same labels (Similarity). At this point, you should see beyond my call, because reality far outweighs our understanding (Transend). This reality has spread over all devices, and has taken over our meals (Ubiquity). This spread solidifies its claims, leaving us out of questions to ask (Validity).

However, if you think about it, this present can be traced from a lousy afternoon when a group of people wanted to be heard, but no one listened (Wrath). But as with all crazy ideas, it eventually perpetuated, because it gave these countries a leverage (Xenophobia).

Now, wouldn’t you want to make a dent, live out a purpose, and cause the gears to shift, even just a little (Yearning)? Tim and space are yours; but only if you dare put a line and start asking questions (Zoning).

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