I don’t have answers. I have provocations.

My advocacy unfolds and expands without embracing a certain set of answers. It might be easier to settle with a single belief, rather than to accept that there might not be answers.


I was excited for this month to arrive, but I also dreaded it at some point. My emotions were all over the place, mostly because there were so much unknown for me. But I kept reminding myself that I committed this life to always going where I am called, and going to places I do…


MARSO is a painstaking attempt to pull me out of my head. This month, I spent a long time sitting in my head and thinking, when I should have just left my thoughts and explored the days. This zine is a reminder that writing (poetry) is a commitment – it takes all of me as…


Pebrero is a poetry collection that holds words and feelings that I could not bring myself to talk about. By turning them into poetry, I was able to have an internal conversation to help myself unpack the weight of the boxes I carry. This is Pebrero.


ENERO is a collection of poems that distill my daily experiences of being a researcher; embodying this body in a foreign city; becoming while also recognizing my lived experiences; and celebrating people who have fought to see better days.The cover – a Filipina cyborg – depicts my ongoing internal debate of how living in these…


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