WE ARE NOT DATA. We are an assemblage of cells, of organs, of living systems, of memories, of stories, and of many things we may not even know of. We are not binaries; nor can we let any system label us as such.

We are more than the algorithms being made to predict human behavior, and decisions. We are more than the algorithms shoving predicted ads, and suggested items.

Our intuition is more than GPS, google maps, waze, or any other application. Our intuition is more than algorithms showing pre-chosen list of people to date. Our intuition is more than any near-perfect algorithm. Our intuition is not perfect; we get lost by trusting our intuition to go left, when we should have gone right. We get hurt by still choosing to engage, despite the internal warning to de-engage.

Ours is an imperfect system; our is a developing assemblage of senses. The only way we can get better as humans is to nurture these senses – our senses combined together can give us richer and more meaningful human experiences and memories. There are no shortcuts to honing an intuitive sense of direction. There are no cheap seats at learning our ways around love and relationships. There is no easy way out to being imperfect humans.

It is painful, and it takes a lifetime to learn. It takes a lifetime to embrace our peculiarities. And that is exactly what makes us humans – we are unpredictable, complex, intuitive, and sensitive beings. We are wicked beings to the core. We are hardwired to long for connections. We are built for intimacy. While advancements in technology can promise to deliver these human desires, we can rethink. Have they been helping us to become better humans?

This is my rebellion against the living system. This is my way of reminding myself that we are humans, and we cannot be reduced to data. Our senses cannot be reduced to algorithms. Our places are more than codified maps.

I am embracing my humanity, with all the ironies and pains. I am embracing my frailties, and as well as my cluelessness about many things. I am embracing my tendencies to get lost amid this codified world.

Or am I data and only data?

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