Are you data?

We cannot be reduced to binaries. We are more than algorithms.
We are an assemblage of cells, of organs, of living systems, of memories, of stories, and of many things we may not even know of.

Unfolding Advocacy


Pebrero is a poetry collection that holds words and feelings that I could not bring myself to talk about. By turning them into poetry, I was able to have an internal conversation to help myself unpack the weight of the boxes I carry. This is Pebrero.


ENERO is a collection of poems that distill my daily experiences of being a researcher; embodying this body in a foreign city; becoming while also recognizing my lived experiences; and celebrating people who have fought to see better days.The cover – a Filipina cyborg – depicts my ongoing internal debate of how living in these…

Diez (10)

Diez / Sampu (in Tagalog) / Ten (in English)In the last three weeks, I had to ask myself questions that up until now I still do not have answers. I probably also will not allow myself to settle at answers without growing through the whole process of this thing called PhD.I love doing fieldwork. That’s…