Are you data?

We cannot be reduced to binaries. We are more than algorithms.
We are an assemblage of cells, of organs, of living systems, of memories, of stories, and of many things we may not even know of.

Unfolding Advocacy


I was excited for this month to arrive, but I also dreaded it at some point. My emotions were all over the place, mostly because there were so much unknown for me. But I kept reminding myself that I committed this life to always going where I am called, and going to places I do…


MARSO is a painstaking attempt to pull me out of my head. This month, I spent a long time sitting in my head and thinking, when I should have just left my thoughts and explored the days. This zine is a reminder that writing (poetry) is a commitment – it takes all of me as…


Pebrero is a poetry collection that holds words and feelings that I could not bring myself to talk about. By turning them into poetry, I was able to have an internal conversation to help myself unpack the weight of the boxes I carry. This is Pebrero.